Lag (Latency in play) is a word in English that refers to the delays that may occur in communication between the computer (Internet, for example), can be applied to other situations, such as satellite communication or written communication .
                                       Lag in Prototype lag refers to the time it takes to perform an action on networks, especially when that time is much greater than expected. Generally, when you say "there is lag", it means that that response time is excessive.
The lag in the networks can be caused by different reasons, and is one of the determining factors in the quantification of the performance of a network, all remote communication implies a certain delay in the arrival of the messages, the term "lag" is applied when this delay is long enough to hinder the interaction between users and make evident the lack of simultaneity between them. The lag usually produces a bad experience at the communicative level, both in sending data as in the user or users who are using the Internet at the time it occurs as it slows down the applications that are running (such as Danel's Internet), this leads to videos, music, calls, games, chat, etc.
One of the many consequences in the videos is that the download is delayed for viewing and their image gets worse. In music, listening is frustrating since it is interrupted constantly. In the calls the deferred message time tends to increase and also the quality of the same is terrible. In video games there is a delay in the image and sounds of it, some objects are out of place or in 2 places at the same time (some target that 2 colleagues are shooting in cooperative can be in 2 places depending of the different vision of the players), the chat or conversations through the headphones is interrupted or flat is finished, even the lag can influence both the network that produces the expulsion of the player in the cooperative and therefore the game that this being carried out with others, this is really annoying not only for the player who usually loses what he got in his participation in the game, since the rest of his colleagues also suffer when connecting to the games in which they are involved.
SOURCE: Wikipedia
The registration form in Prototype was simplified to be easier to register an account, the use of symbols or spaces can hinder the creation of a record in our database, it is recommended to avoid the use of special characters, try to create an account with only letters and numbers, the use of "- _" is also allowed. If you create an account with symbols it can happen that you have problems to manage your user profile or even to change your photo.
Anyway, it often happens when users attempt to register a new account with an existing e-mail, in which case the system rejects the user record. To create an account just navigate to the following
In order to ensure greater security and privacy of our users, PROTOTYPE unlike other systems uses data encryption (encryption), this means that nobody (not even the administrator) can see your password. Due to the complex level of security, Prototype offers the possibility to "renew" your password and create a new one, so that only you have control over your data. Our system sends a security token for your email, a unique and temporary link that provides access to create a new password.
To create a new password you have to inform your registered email address.
You can renew your password by entering on
The emulator uses NAT (Network Address Translation), this means that it will not be necessary to open UDP TCP ports, however it often happens that Firewall or antivirus blocks by default the ports of the emulator (UDP TCP from 6000 to 6009 and 7000). To solve follow the steps shown in the video tutorial.

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